Our Mission

We aim to enable society to explore different cultures and religions, broaden horizons, discover new things, and promote openness to the world with our offering.

With the financial success of our work, we promote research and technological development, thereby contributing to a higher quality of life for society.

We continuously develop offerings in line with people’s needs and desires, ensuring long-term recreation in pristine nature.

We stand for diversity and provide people of different cultural and religious backgrounds with an inclusive environment to take their place in society, thereby reducing prejudices.

Actively embracing a culture of learning from mistakes allows us to act with a focus on the future and to simply try something new.

In a digitized world, we embrace humanity, thereby enabling unique experiences.

Our Values


The term ‘courage’ reflects our willingness to take bold steps and make decisions to drive desired excellence and innovation forward.


The value of responsibility primarily embodies the aspect of stability. Acting responsibly towards our customers, owners, employees, and environments ensures corresponding economic stability.


Innovation is not a foreign concept at VERKEHRSBUERO, but a daily pursuit. We build upon our existing structures and remain open to new ideas that drive our excellence and growth forward.


Transparency is an essential component of our work, whether in communication or decision-making. We openly engage with one another and address critical issues in a timely manner. Clarity is paramount to us.


Humanity means not only listening to employees and business partners but actively involving them. Furthermore, empathy in customer relationships and engagement is indispensable to us.


Equal opportunity means that diversity is not only pursued but already lived daily – both in dealing with (future) employees and in dealing with our guests. Moreover, at VERKEHRSBUERO, one can climb the career ladder (from apprentice to executive) if one wishes to do so