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VERKEHRSBUERO is Austria’s most versatile tourism group.



VERKEHRSBUERO is Austria’s leading tourism group with the operational divisions VERKEHRSBUERO TRAVEL and VERKEHRSBUERO HOSPITALITY as well as the HOLDING division, which is an internal partner for management and services led by a team of experts. Our valued employees ensure that travel at home and abroad is a special experience. It is no coincidence that the new Group Headquarters in Vienna is called the “Home of Travel”: this is where the diverse range of products and services offered by the various brands are reflected and put together.

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More than just the market leader in the hotel business and tourism sector.


About us

We see the ability to deal with constant change as the key element for the sustained further development of our Group.

Martin Winkler, MBA, Chairman of VERKEHRSBUERO Executive Board

Current press releases (in German only)

Live zur Fußball EM-Qualifikation – hautnah mit ÖFB-Legenden

Seit 2020 verantwortet Ruefa Sport das gesamte Travelmanagement der ÖFB-Nationalteams und der begleitenden Medien. Besonderer Fokus der Zusammenarbeit liegt auf dem „12. Mann“ und der „12. Frau“ – also der so wichtigen Fanunterstützung, die Teamchef Ralf Rangnick immer wieder hervorhebt. Die beliebten Ruefa Fanreisen zur EM-Qualifikation werden deshalb heuer von namhaften ÖFB-Legenden begleitet. Auch die […]


Active responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainability are of absolute priority to us. Our ecological footprint should be as small as possible. We have already received the Viktualia-Award from the Ministry of the Environment for our reduction in waste food. Several of our hotels have been awarded the Austrian Eco-Label for companies in tourism. The selection of an environmentally friendly site for our new corporate headquarters in Vienna has also created a significant contribution to our eco-balance.

Our Number One: our employees

VERKEHRSBUERO is one of the most attractive employers in the Austrian tourist industry as it offers not only a secure working environment for the future, but also innovative training and further education programmes. Our employees benefit from the more than 200 specialised seminars and workshops in the VERKEHRSBUERO Academy. The Federal Ministry Family and Youth as awarded us the state quality label “berufundfamilie” for our family-friendly approach in employment.