21 hotels in Austria and Slovenia, 1 suite in Schönbrunn Palace, 1 hostel and 2 campsites in Vienna, 3 event locations and the Café Central in Vienna – with the VERKEHRSBUERO HOSPITALITY division, the Group is deliberately broadly positioned. Austria Trend Hotels is the leading hotel group in Austria, with two million overnight stays per year and around 7,000 beds in 16 properties in Austria and Slovenia (plus the suite at Schloss Schönbrunn). 3 hotels are managed in cooperation with the Radisson Hotel Group. BASSENA is the youngest hotel brand in the group, with the BASSENA Wien Messe Prater and BASSENA Wien Donaustadt. Away from the classic city hotel business, VERKEHRSBUERO HOSPITALITY also offers places in the countryside: visitors stay at Camping Wien West and Camping Wien Neue Donau. Travelers can find inexpensive accommodation at Palace Hostel Wien. VERKEHRSBUERO also distributes Palais Events, which offer perfect venues for events in Vienna: Palais Ferstel, Palais Daun-Kinsky, the Wiener Börsensäle and the historic Café Central in Vienna’s Herrengasse.